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Issue 2, Volume 1


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Credits - I have to say thanks to Taarna who made all of these skins for Sim Magazine. You can see what else Taarna does for us (so well) on the Staff page. All the skins that she makes are 3 skin tones so you will have light, dark, and medium skin colors for the outfit you choose.

Sim Parent Tips - Almost everyone who want the perfect sim family wants to have the perfect sim kid too... Well, we know that raising sim kids can be hard. We think we can help you a little bit. Let's say your sim kid's fun bar is down way low when he/she gets home from school. Plus there grade is a C-. (You want it to be at least a B to keep it safe.) First things first. Get a computer or a bookshelf in your house and make that sim kid study until his/her's grade goes up. After your sim kid has studied, make him/her read a book or play on the piano. Something that does not take that much time to get the fun bar up high into the green section. It works in this situation. Trust us.
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