Last Updated - January 1, 2001
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Sim Magazine wishes you a Happy New Year!
Issue 2, Volume 1

Weekly News - Well, they have done it again. Another great update. The Gingerbread family is there new featured album of the week. Guess what skins in it... The snowman skins from Simfreaks. Cool huh? Anyways, they have made a cool new program. This program called The Sims Character Makeover makes it possible for you to change the apearance of you sims without having the game on. It's kind of weird though because sometime it does not show the meshes (I have it and have tested it out) but I do like it. Plus it cannot load some of the kids. It always says it has an illegal opperation or something like that. Then I have to close it. Go check it out though. It may work for you. Plus I am sure that you have seen this site, but the spotlight site is the The Mall of the Sims again. It's an ok site expect it takes a little longer to load because of all the pictures there. But it's worth it because of all the skins and objects!

Swimsuit and Pajama FAQ - Guess who made it. Taarna. She is so great. We just need to add a couple touches to it and then we will place it up on the site asap. Thanks for waiting so long!

Looser Say Wa? - So how can they be so dumb? I mean, you have to tell them to do anything. It's like those sims don't even have a brain. Sure some of them answer the door when they hear the doorbell... But is that really enough? Can you fix this without a cheat? You actually can teach them. It works. Let's say your sims have to go to them bathroom. They have around 4-5 personality points in the neat section. You sim goes to the bathroom. After they have finished, they don't flush the toilet and wash there hands. Well, when your sim stands there clueless, just order them to flush the toilet and then wash there hands. (In that order if you want to do it the easy way.) Keep on doing this and you most likely see progress. Soon, they will remember to flush the toilet and wash there hands after they have to go to the bathroom. Try this on other things that they do not do correctly like lets say take out the trash or making there beds. I'm sure you will find out that this method works.
Many sims also have problems when it comes to social actions. I really don't get this. Are they nervous? Who knows. Anyways, you can do the same method in the paragraph above. It may be a bit harder though. When a special sim comes over, make your sim talk with him/her for a while. Then let the other sim go to the bathroom or something or at least invite them in. This could be used when meeting a new sim in the neighborhood. It may seem like they arn't learning much at first but these sims will surprise you. So try it out, maybe make your own method, and then please let me (Carlena) know how it works for you. If it does not work, we will try and help you but I'm 90% positive that it will work. If not the first time, maybe the third, fith, or seventh.
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