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Sim Magazine wishes you a Happy New Year!
Issue 2, Volume 1

The Well Dressed Sim - WDS has a great selection of skins, decorations, art, and furniture for your sims. They have so much that they have to have a Well Dressed Sim Homestyle for the art, decor, and funiture!
Simfreaks - They almost update every day. It's actually hard to keep track. They have some great walls, floors, objects, houses, and skins. Some of the best quality too.
The Sims Resource - These people have so much that I cannot even say it in a sentance!
Moni's Sims - Wonderful objects. She has great sets too.
Simmandments - Their still working on floors, but they have creative objects and some match-with-almost-anything walls!
Hug & Kiss Wedding Dresses - Almost every dress you will want your sims to be in for theit fancy wedding. They have casual dresses, stylish dresses, and even honeymoon sets for you to choose for your sims.
Patchwork4sims - You will be amazed! They have skins and they also have this mix and match thing where you can mix and match the outfits that they have and they will custom make it for you! Cool huh?
The Sims Tattoo Parlor - They have skins galor, objects galor, tattoos, links, faq... they have almost everything you need so go check them out!
Simply Living 2000 - Oh my gosh! Do they have a lot of objects or what? Even though most are recolored with prints and stuff...If you have not been here, you have to go see it though because they do make themes. They have walls, floors, requested walls & floors, plus objects. They update pretty often too.
Jenny's Sim Home - Carlena always downloads every single objects when she's at this site. Jenny has a great talent with making objects! The beautiful!
Homesims - They have everything. Once again... To much for words!

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